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Christoph Zollitsch

Postdoctoral ResearcherSpinfluencer

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I studied physics at the Technical University Munich, Germany and finished my Diploma degree in 2011 at the Walther Meißner Institut for low temperature physics, where I also continued with my PhD degree. There, I investigated phosphorus donors strongly coupled to a superconducting microwave resonator at millikelvin temperatures. After my PhD, I joined the group of Prof. John Morton at University College London to develop magnetic field resilient, high sensitivity superconducting resonators for ESR applications. I extended their applications further on ferromagnetic material studies, within the group of Prof. Hidekazu Kurebayashi, also at the University College London. Recently, I joined Prof. Chris Kay and Dr. Jon Breeze’s research groups to work on room temperature MASER systems.

Interesting fact - I did an electrician apprenticeship before my physics study.